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Advocating For Children & Old Aged Rights Globally
Care for Children & Old Age works in South Sudan to reach the most vulnerable children and the Old age directly through various projects and initiatives.

Committed to making a positive and lasting difference in the world

Care for Children & Old Age in South Sudan has become a global leader in improving and transforming the lives of children, the old age, their families, and their communities.

Even the most vulnerable children deserve a chance at a bright future. As a global Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation we help children, old aged,, families and communities overcome poverty and injustice, irrespective of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

What We Do

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 Projects Current ProjectsPROJECT 1: Contribute to cluster objectives by reaching 17,744 individuals through Shelter /NFIs and WASH response in Twic county.Project | Programme Objective Improved access to safe shelter, water, sanitation and hygiene through provision of essential goods, services and cash support for the most vulnerable IDPs, returnees, and conflict and disaster affected people in...

Who We Are

Right from its inception, CCOSS has been rooted in South Sudanese communities. The established of CCOSS in 2004 was a response to the felt needs of the most vulnerable and marginalized in the society; that is the elderly, children and the women.
The elderly, women and children suffered much more during the war, and as such, there was a felt need to establish an instrument that would spearhead empowerment on their behalf. This situation is not any better even after the country become independent.
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