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About Care for Children & Old Age in South Sudan

Care for Children & Old Age in South Sudan (CCOSS) is a National NGO founded and registered with Rehabilitation & Relief Commission (RRC), No. 060 in the year 2005 and with the Ministry of Legal Affairs & Constitutional Development (MLA&CD), currently, the Ministry of Justice, No.345 in the year 2008. Since its inception, CCOSS has been working in Jonglei, Lakes and Warrap states since the year 2004 and has over the years developed experience and can deliver results in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Right from its inception, CCOSS has been rooted in South Sudanese communities. The established of CCOSS in 2004 was a response to the felt needs of the most vulnerable and marginalized in the society; that is the elderly, children and the women. The elderly, women and children suffered much more during the war, and as such, there was a felt need to establish an instrument that would spearhead empowerment on their behalf. This situation is not any better even after the country become independent.

CCOSS is an active member of the following forums; at the National level, it’s a member of the National NGO Forum, Protection, Education, Wash, Health, FSL and NFIs cluster forum in Juba; while at the State level, it’s a member of Protection, Education, Health, FSL and NFIs cluster and WASH cluster and Inter agencies forum.

Due to its ability to implement complex projects in a relatively short period, CCOSS has been funded by various organizations and has successfully implemented various projects in the communities. As a result, the organization has developed tremendous goodwill with the community members, community gatekeepers such as the traditional leaders, local authorities and the government, following the establishment of a good working relationship.

One particular project to demonstrate CCOSS’s goodwill with the community was during the construction of a Primary School; where the community members were mobilized to raise resources for the school, provide labour during construction, food for the workers during construction among others.

CCOSS’s roots in the communities is symbolized and strengthened by its governance structure. The Board of Directors is comprised of South Sudanese with vast experience and qualifications in different areas.

Today, we continue to work in the places where it is hardest to be a child because we believe that is where we are needed the most.

Our Vision 

A society where the rights of the vulnerable are respected and they live in good conditions

Our Mission Statement

To be the leading organization in promoting the rights, equity and wellbeing of children, women and the elderly in South Sudan through advocacy, empowerment, humanitarian and livelihood support

We pursue this mission through integrated, holistic commitment to:

  • Transformational Development that is community-based and sustainable, focused especially on the needs of children.
  • Emergency Relief that assists people afflicted by conflict or disaster.
  • Promotion of Justice that seeks to change unjust structures affecting the poor among whom we work.

  • Partnerships with churches to contribute to spiritual and social transformation.
  • Public Awareness that leads to informed understanding, giving, involvement and prayer.
  • Witness to Jesus Christ by life, deed, word and sign that encourages people to respond to the Gospel.

Overall Goal

To have a visible influence on the knowledge, policies and practices that upholds humanitarian well- being and development of the most vulnerable members of the society


  • To contribute towards improving the living conditions for the most vulnerable and conflict affected persons through scaling up education opportunities for displaced refugee children living in settlement camps.
  • To improve living standards for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and host communities through increased access to emergency integrated WASH, Shelter and Non-food items (S/NFIs) interventions focusing on sustainable water, good sanitation practices, hygiene promotion activities and S/NFIs
  • To increase livelihood and self-sufficiency of most vulnerable food insecure households affected by conflict and famine at risk of hunger and malnutrition across South Sudan
  • To contribute towards establishing and re-establishing positive relationships among conflicting communities through communication and cooperative activities
  • Improve access to basic curative and preventive health care services for internally displaced and conflict affected populations across South Sudan

CCOSS Location

CCOSS has its current main office located Off Juba -Nimule highway pep 2, along Road to St. Andrew Church, Sherikat with field offices in Bor, Rumbek Town (covering Rumbek Centre, East, North, Cueibet & Wulu county -Lakes State), Yirol East & West, Ming Kaman- Awerial – Lakes State. Kuacjok (covering Gogrial West, East, Tonj South, East, North, Twic -Warrap & Aweil Centre, Aweil North, Aweil East, Aweil West, Aweil South -Northern Bahr Ghazal State and satellite office in Duk.

Meet Our Team

We’re a growing team of thought leaders — full of personality minus the ego. We’re the wearer of many hats dedicated to advocating for the rights of children and the old across the globe.

Our Management Team











Mabior Wel Akau | CCOSS Director













Ngonga Mayen | Finance Manager













Mundia Akala | Programmes Manager

Other Team Players

Care for Children & Old Age in South Sudan is an international partnership of Christians whose mission is to follow our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice and bear witness to the good news of the Kingdom of God.

We attribute a lot of our success to the collaboration among our team members.

Meet our team players:


Our Partners